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Song: Biker Mice from Mars - Staff Roll

Welcome to Juju's World!!

Grab your Monster and take a SWIG, cuz things are boutta get WACKY up in here!

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Time of writing: August 10th, 2023
Hey, Juju Bean Heads! This is my first "blog post" ever! I don't really know how other people do blogs but all I'm doing here is typing in a p bracket, none of that fancy shit other people do (which I wish I knew how to do.)
Anyways, what I would like to say here is...
PLEASE MAKE A WEBSITE!!!! Even if it's the bare bones of shit, my god please do it. We can all have a big webring together!! PLEASE!! Every social media has crashed and burned down to the floor and if you want to break out of your content slop addiction, come join the web side. We have cookies! It's the most personalization you'll ever have in your entire web life. The layout, images, EVERYTHING is in your hands.

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Hey BITCH! My name is JUJU! I work at a theater but in my free time I draw, make music, and code sometimes!

DOB: June 22
Age: 22
Gender: NB (any pronouns OK!)
Nationality: Cuban (2nd gen Immigrant)
Languages: English, Spanish, HTML, CSS

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